In conjunction with the public programming, the Ecohumanities for Cities in Crisis project offered a professional development opportunity for teachers through the Miami Dade County Public Schools Department of Social Sciences. Teachers from 18 Miami Dade high schools and middle schools learned new strategies for bring environmental humanities into their existing history, geography, and English courses.
Participants attended the Fragile Habitat public symposium at HistoryMiami Museum on April 8 and a dedicated teacher workshop at The Kampong on June 14. Led by Dr. April Merleaux, the workshop included lectures, a garden tour with Kampong Director Dr. Michael Maunder, and primary source exercises. The following teacher resource packet is available for teachers considering bringing their students to Ecohumanities events.

Teacher Resources Guide

Teacher Resources Guide



Defined loosely as the exploration of how nature and culture are related—is an interdisciplinary approach that incorporates skills from history, geography, anthropology, philosophy, literature, and environmental science.


We use a wide variety of artifacts to explore the relationships between people and the places they live, and to examine change over time in natural resources, environmental awareness, and landscapes.